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If I Were Launching Our Online Church All Over Again

I was reviewing the workflow of our Online Campus at Community Bible Church recently and was overwhelmed by how complicated it’s gotten. It didn’t get complicated because we wanted it to or tried to create a really complex infrastructure, we just grew and that’s what often happens. To understand the systems though, I had to look back at why each of them were established.  

If I were to start all over, here are a few things I would do differently:

  • Launch with Live Streaming - this has had a HUGE impact on our weekend engagement and significantly increased engagement within our local congregation. Had we launched with this, I believe our local congregation would have been more engaged in our Online Church campus as a whole.
  • Launched Online Groups First – to be honest Online Groups was a response to our growing Online Campus and not a part of our launch strategy. If I were to launch again I would create 3-5 Online Groups before our Online Church Campus was to even launch.
  • Establish 3 Core Volunteer Opportunities – as I look back I wasn’t clear when building our Online Church Campus' volunteer team. I primarily looked for what I called “Moderators” to monitor the chat. What a terrible and unappealing title for a volunteer opportunity. If I were re-launching today, I would launch with 3 core volunteer opportunities: Online Church Host, Online Group Leader, Social Media Support.

I have very few regrets and have learned so much along the way! Other Online Church Campus leaders out there, I would love to hear what you would do all over again if you were starting over.

Book Tour - Online Church

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