It's Time To Celebrate!

For 3+ years and in my book I've shared a simple social media content strategy for churches: Inspiration, Information, & Conversation.  Here's how it works:

  • Inspiration - post sermon quotes, song lyrics, Bible verses and other inspirational content
  • Information - share church news and information 
  • Conversation - ask questions and build community

It's pretty simple and has worked very well!  I think it's time to add to the strategy.   We need to celebrate all that God is doing at our churches and through our ministries!  

At Community Bible Church we are celebrating 25 years of ministry this year!  Through this campaign we have been asking people to share their story, which collectively tells our story as a church.  It has been incredible and an aspect of our social media strategy that I have not prioritized as I should have.  Stories are core to the human condition and move people more than anything else.  It's why Jesus told parables. Stories matter because people matter! 

So, as you develop your social media content this week, I want to encourage you to find at least 1 thing that you can celebrate.  I have a feeling that you will find many things, but begin to make this a part of your social media content strategy.  I know I will!