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Book Tour Question: Security

Question from Kathy:
How do you handle security - maybe its my generation but I am so worried about posting things that would make an event open to people who could do harm. I work with kids ministry and I stay far away from posting anything regarding kids events - is there ways around this?
My Response:
Great question, Kathy!  I'm not sure that there's a one size fits all solution when it comes to security, but I think it's important to let our light shine bright while also being smart in what we post, where we post, and when we post.  When it comes to Kids Ministry it is important for people to know that you have a great kids ministry, but you must be careful when posting pictures of kids and various events.  One of the great features that Facebook has is targeting of posts where you can specify based on age, gender, and location to who you would like to see a post.  This would be a great opportunity to use this functionality.  Basically, be careful, but not fearful as your community needs to know about all of the great things that God is doing in and through your church!