Proud Brother-In-Law Here!

Let me first start by saying that I have the two greatest brothers-in-law in the world!  They are two of my best friends and the godliest men I know.  They are incredible husbands and fathers and natural leaders in every area of their lives.  When it comes to their careers they have both had great success at a young age and taught me so much. Today our family found out that Josh Cunningham, husband to Kelly (my wife's sister), was invited to take on an exciting new role as Interim Manager within his organization.  You might have heard of it, Chick Fil A!  Our family loves the "Christian Chicken" and spends lots of time and money supporting our brother-in-law by consuming a good amount of their products.  To receive a promotion within the same organization might not seem like a big deal, but you need to understand that this opportunity has been 10 years in the making.  Josh has worked for Chick Fil A since he was 16 years old!  How rare is that!  While he has taken on new roles in the past, nothing compares to what he is about to take on.

As we celebrate Josh's recent success I am reminded of my other brother-in-law, Chris Kiser (my sister Becky's husband).  Chris works for another very recognizable company, Exxon.  He has actually worked there since college where he did an internship.  Since that internship Chris has steadily moved up within the organization into a very significant role with a trajectory that is exciting to imagine.  I often ask/encourage Chris to look at other opportunities and he quickly chuckles off the idea.  It's not an option as he is fully committed to his company and to doing his job to the best of his ability.  Watching his focus over the years makes it clear to see why he has been and will continue to be so successful at Exxon.

Let me be honest, I'm envious of my brothers-in-law career paths.  What they have done/are doing is rare and at times I wish my story was the same as I have had 4 job changes since they started at their current companies.  While my path has been different, I'm grateful for where I am today, but moving forward in my career I plan to follow their historical lead rather than repeating my own.

So, what can we learn from these 2 great men when it comes to our careers?  Here are a few things that I'm taking note of:

  1. Commitment- they are committed to their organizations and the role that their organizations have put them in.  They are not constantly looking to climb to the top, but to produce in their role and allow their organization to elevate them naturally as they see fit.  
  2. Persistence- they are two of the hardest workers I know and when it comes to getting their jobs done they don't sit back punching the clock, but are persistent doing the best job they can getting their stuff done.
  3. Endurance- while they don't communicate frustrations, I'm sure they have had their moments as we all do.  They endured those moments of frustration with the bigger picture in mind and continued to work hard in their roles.
  4. Relationships- both Josh and Chris are two of the friendliest people you will meet.  I can't imagine either having enemies and both establish strong relationships with clients, coworkers, supervisers and anyone else they come in contact with.  Strong relationships are key in any role in any organization.
  5. Balance- while work is important to both of them, family ALWAYS comes first!  Josh and Chris love their jobs, but they love their families more and do an incredible job of balancing this incredible tension that we all have.  
Josh and Chris, I am so proud of you both!  I'm honored to call you brothers and look forward to continuing to learn from you and locking arms as we continue to do life together.  Thank you for the example you have set for me and so many others.  Thank you for the work that you do and thank you even more for the way that you love your families and  most importantly God.
The Best is Yet to Come!