doing good in job

Starting A New Job Well

Over the past 7 years or so I’ve been a pretty open book. I’ve wanted to take you on my journey in Online Ministry sharing all aspects from leadership development, technology innovation and ministry systems. As I’m in this stage of professional and personal transition I want to continue to be an open book as my hope is to help others learn from what I do well as well as some things I’m not doing well.

As I begin my role as the Vice President of Social Media & Innovation at Dunham+Company I naturally want to start well. Here are some of the things I’m doing to start well:

·       Study Names – I’m terrible at remembering names, but that’s not a good excuse for not remembering them. As I continue to start my new role I’m not assuming that someday in the near future I will remember everyone’s name. Names are important and I’m trying to be as intentional as possible to remember the names of both my new colleagues as well as Dunham+Company’s clients.

·       Research Colleagues and Clients – beyond learning names, I’m trying to find out as much as I can about my new colleagues and clients. Thanks to LinkedIn, Google and Facebook I’m able to learn so much in advance. This naturally creates talking points to get to know each other as well as saving them time to have to fill me in on various details that I can find out on my own maximizing whatever interaction opportunities that we do have.

·       Establish New Rhythms – I’m a workaholic by nature (along with plenty of other bad habits) and a new start allows me the opportunity to establish new rhythms to how I prepare for each day, how I utilize my time in the office, how I disconnect when I go home and so on. I know myself well enough that this isn’t something that I hope I will figure out later, but something I have to establish as soon as possible.

·       Setup Communication Channels – I hate slowing down to setup emails, create passwords, etc. I know that I too often waste time because I don’t setup the most efficient systems on the front end. This time I’m trying to do things different getting my emails, phone systems, text messages, cloud storage, etc. setup effectively on all devices with an efficient system to manage it all.

·       Build Personal Relationships – I’m not one to separate personal and professional. I want to know the people I work with and I want them to know me. Because of my desire to get things done I can often skip past establishing personal relationships with those around me for the sake of efficiency. Because I’m not running a sprint it’s important to me that I take the time and get to know my colleagues and clients in a personal way rather than just know the tasks that they accomplish.

What advice would you recommend? I want to learn as this is such a key time for me professionally and I believe that most of you reading this are either experiencing this same kind of transition or will experience it in the somewhat near future.