3 Questions with Christina Dodson

For more than a year friends have been encouraging me to hire an Executive Assistant for my growing consulting business.  I blew them off for 2 primary reasons: 1) this was a side business and not something I was even fully committed to and 2) I didn't think I could justify the cost. 

I was wrong on both.  While my business is not my primary focus (my role at Community Bible Church is), it is very important and something I'm very committed to.  By hiring an Executive Assistant I have been able to better serve my business clients while also better serving Community Bible Church as I'm less distracted managing the details of my business.  When it comes to justifying the cost, I couldn't be more wrong.  After just 3 months of having an Executive Assistant, I can very honestly say that I cannot afford not to have an Executive Assistant.  In just 3 months the business has already grown tremendously as I have been able to work out of my strengths and focus on the things I'm most passionate about and gifted in.  

I want to encourage you to consider hiring an Executive Assistant and I can't recommend eaHELP more.  It honestly is quite affordable and you can start with an EA for just 5 hours/week.  That's where I started and in week 2 we increased to 10 hours and in month 2 we increased to 15.  The value is through the roof and my only regret is not hiring an Executive Assistant sooner! 

Here are 3 questions I recently asked my Executive Assistant, Christina:

As a new mom and soon to be church planter's wife, how does a new job fit into a seemingly crazy schedule?

It actually works extremely well! Mostly because Nils is so flexible with me and recognizes that God and family comes first. Additionally, a lot of our team works odd hours so it ends up flowing great! On a typical work day for me I am able to get a couple hours of work done in the early morning while my little one naps or swings contently in her swing (Praise the Lord for technology/machines!). Then I check on a few things in the afternoon on my iPhone in between juggling other things. And then I typically work for another hour or so at night after my little one goes to bed at night. 

Technology truly is a blessing! Working virtually has worked so well for my family and I. 


How did you find eaHELP and what has been your experience in becoming a Virtual Executive Assistant through this growing company?

My husband was actually the one who found eaHELP while reading Michael Hyatt's blog. After reading up about Virtual Assistants, he thought I'd be awesome at it and that it would be a great fit for our family. It was a very rigorous application process. After several interviews and questionaries I had to complete a two week assessment period where they sent me numerous projects that I had complete with excellence in a timely manner in order to be hired. 

Now that I've been with the company for a few months, I fall more in love with it everyday. The staff at eaHELP are amazing and so attentive. And the tools and resources they provide are incredible. I feel like I have learned more about administration in the last few months through the VEA community than I have in my entire administrative career! 

And probably the most amazing thing about eaHELP is their client/VEA matching process. They take great care in placing clients with the right VEAs and vice versa. Nils could not have been a better fit of a client for me and I'm pretty sure he'd say the same about me! 


Having experienced my world for just a couple months, what advice would you give to church leaders who are considering hiring a Virtual Executive Assistant?

Just do it! As church leaders you need us and we need you! You need time back in your day to focus on big picture stuff and we have the time and skills to take care of the details so that you can. And you'd be amazed at what an admin can do. When Nils first hired me he had a vision of me taking care of 2 specific projects for him and only 2 short months later that list is more like 15-20 and ever growing! So fun! 

And we (VEAs) need you too- it is such a service to us to be hired. It is such a blessing to be able to work virtually so that I can be home and invest in my daughter and watch her grow. Not all VEAs are Moms, but regardless of a VEAs situation the flexibility to be able to work from anywhere is awesome!