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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your TV App

One of the things that was so important to us when creating TV App was creating the best analytics opportunity possible. When we first launched our TV App all we were able to measure is how many people downloaded our app. We never knew how many people actually used it or if they used it, how they used it. That is all different today as we integrated Google Analytics into the platform which we believe provides that most effective analytics that your ministry needs to measure the effectiveness of your app. Here are some of the things to pay attention to:

  • App Downloads
  • First Time and Returning App Visitors
  • App Sessions
  • Top Videos or Content pieces consumed
  • Viewing time on various content pieces

When it comes to how often to check your analytics, if possible I recommend once a week. At a minimum I would review monthly though and provide a report to your key stakeholders on a quarterly basis.