exclamation points

The Use of Exclamation Points!

I've been told that I over use Exclamation Points!  I get excited!  I want to make a point!

There are two problems that I hear:

1) It's Juvenile

2) It's Confusing

The juvenile part I hear more regarding my tweets than blog posts and I have to agree.  I tend to end many statements with !!!  Why do I use 3 !!!?  It is juvenile and I will work on stopping.  It wouldn't be a problem if I didn't do this far so many tweets.  For those that follow me on twitter, I apologize and will mature in my tweets in the future.

The confusing part makes even more sense.  I've been told that I sound angry when I mean to sound excited and excited when I mean to sound angry.  Without being able to speak it, the emotion that I am trying to convey can easily  be confused with the use of a "!".

So what do you think?  When you write are you a big user of the "!" or do you avoid it?  Do you find it to be confusing or juvenile?