facebook best practices

Creating a Facebook Page

Many churches are finding that their Facebook Page is likely even more important than even their church’s website.  At Community Bible Church we reach at least twice as many people a week on our Facebook page than we do our website.  I’m not saying you should get rid of your website and only focus on your Facebook page, but I do think that when it comes to your resources of time and money, it might be worth shifting some of the attention.  Here are best practices in setting up your Facebook Page:

  1. Set and Keep a Profile Picture- use your church’s logo or image of church building that you will use and keep for some time.  People see your page’s posts in their newsfeed and need to see your profile image and immediately make a connection to your church out of consistency of seeing the profile image consistently in their Newsfeed.
  2. Use a Welcome Image for your Page Banner - this is one of the biggest mistakes that organizations make in changing out their banner images regularly.  Most people only go to your page the first time they see it and from their primarily only see your page in their newsfeed.  Don’t waste the time changing it out regularly and don’t use it to inform your church members.  This is a place to welcome those that don’t yet know you.

  3. Be Thorough in the About Section - take the time to fill out the About Section in a thorough way.  This allows for search opportunities and for people to find out more about you and how they can most effectively connect with you.

  4. Add a Call to Action button - this is a somewhat new feature to Facebook pages and allows you to let people know what is most important to you. I would use this to drive people to a video to better get to know you, your church or your organization.  I would not use the Donate button here.  I think this is more of a first impression opportunity and not a call to action for regularly engaged users.

  5. Allow Messages - people likely want to reach out to your church or ministry directly on Facebook and having the Messages feature available is a great opportunity for them to do that.  You must make sure that someone is being attentive to these messages though if you are going to make this option available.  

We will talk more in future posts on how to maximize the page once it’s setup, but this should help get you started and heading in the right direction with your Church’s Facebook page.  If you’re looking for a model of a Facebook Page I would be honored for you to use our Page at Community Bible Church: https://facebook.com/cbcsocial.