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5 Facebook Live Ideas for Your Ministry

Facebook Live is the hottest trend in social media right now. We are seeing so much engagement around this new feature and I believe that every ministry has a unique opportunity to use this feature within Facebook. There are many reasons why this is hot, but I believe it’s the authenticity that generally comes out through this function that best captures the attention of Facebook users. Here are 5 ideas that I hope might stir your ministry to begin maximizing Facebook Live:

  1. Ministry Moment – I believe this is the best and most effective use of the platform. Take 2-5 minutes to share a devotional thought or ministry impact story. Keeping it personal and sharing from the heart maximizes the authenticity factor that engages so well through this feature.
  2. Ministry Update – people want to hear from the leader about what is going on in your ministry. Taking just a few minutes to share an update in a very natural way as well as answering any questions live provides great transparency for your ministry and greater connection for those who care deeply about it.
  3. Behind the Scenes – go behind the scenes in your workspace, ministry center, church building, etc. sharing a perspective that those connected to your ministry might not normally get to see.
  4. Meet the Team – there are always volunteers and staff members of every ministry that people might never see or know the work that they are doing. Take a minute to introduce them publicly and allow those connected to the ministry get to know them in a personal way.
  5. Live From – act like a news reporter and go live from a ministry event, worship service, outreach activity, etc. For those who can’t be there physically this is a way for them to feel a deeper connection to the ministry that is happening all the time.

What are you waiting for? Pick one of these and go Live on Facebook right now. I would love for you to share additional ideas in the comments below.

Learning From Jesus Daily

I first got to know Jesus Daily about 4 years ago when they had about 3 million page likes and I was blown away by the ministry impact.  We were able to create a strategic partnership between Jesus Daily and Online Church and I began to get to know Jesus Daily better and Dr. Aaron Tabor who leads the ministry.  It has been incredible to watch the Facebook Page continue to grow to now more than 20 million Facebook Likes.  The page is actually THE MOST engaged Facebook page on the planet!  I love that a page about Jesus is #1! 

As I’ve gotten to know Jesus Daily there is one big unique not so secret factor to their success: clear calls to action.  On almost every post they tell you what they want you to do: Like, Comment or Share. 

When it comes to Facebook and social media people often don’t know how to interact and it’s rarely intuitive what you want them to do. When you tell them what you want them to do, they more often do it. 

Think about it, in church we often tell people when to stand up or sit down.  There are times you don’t tell people what to do and about half the congregation will stand or sit very awkwardly out of confusion.  When given a clear call to action everyone stands or sit as they are led to do so.  Social media functions in much the same way.

While I don’t recommend doing this on every post, I do recommend doing it on several of your posts.  Here are three ways you can use this technique for your church: 

  1. Inspirational Bible Verses - “Like if you Agree”
  2. New Sermon Series Promotional Video – “Share to Invite a Friend"
  3. Question to stir  conversation – “Comment to Share Your Thoughts”

I would be willing to bet-that by adding this clear call to action to one of your posts would like double the engagement on that specific post which will greatly increase the reach of that post.  You see, Facebook’s algorithm is built on engagement.  Whenever people Like, Comment or Share one of your posts Facebook perceives it to be a very valuable posts that other people would also like to see.  These are the types of things that create vitality in your content and can quickly lead to exponential growth on your Facebook page. 

The Art of Facebook Targeting

Screen Shot 2012-09-07 at 11.05.24 PM Have you ever utilized Facebook Targeting feature on your Ministry's Facebook Page?  I'm guessing you have ministry posts that are specific for a portion of your community and not for everyone.  You can utilize this feature to really target your posts to better reach your target audience.

For instance, with CBC Online we can target Spanish speakers about our Online Spanish services or  women for an Online Women's LifeGroup.  As you begin thinking through your page content begin asking yourself if this is important for everyone or if you should target the information for a certain target group within your community.

Facebook wants you to more effectively communicate as well as they want their users to find content that they think will be most important to them.  When you use the tool effectively, Facebook will reward you and your content will be seen by more of your Facebook community.  Learning an effective posting system/strategy on Facebook can be quite an art and you must stay flexible as the platform is always changing.  The good news is that most of the time it is changing in a good way and targeting is definitely an upgrade.

Give it a try today and see what you think!