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Meet the New Life.Church Open Network

About a decade ago I was a Youth Pastor that struggled to keep up and often felt isolated and alone in ministry. There was always more to do than I could make time for and Sunday was always coming... and Wednesday. I had meetings to attend, details to coordinate, more meetings to attend, volunteers to train, then a couple more meetings. While I enjoyed teaching, message prep often became a back burner task because everything else felt essential and to be completely honest I was a mediocre at best communicator. So, I would often put it off.

Then a Youth Ministry friend recommended a resource from a church in Oklahoma who gave away their Youth Ministry teaching videos and curriculum. The church was then called Those teaching videos weren't just good enough, but they were awesome and they were FREE! On a tight budget this was HUGE for me and created great value for our Youth Ministry. I didn't use the videos every week, but it often would be a great stand alone message or series for a few weeks while I focused on camp or something else that might be pulling my attention for a season. 

Over time I continued to follow Life.Church as they continued to give away more and more including the Church Online Platform and so many other areas that they have been incredibly generous. Personally their team has been very generous to me inviting me out to their campus on numerous occasions and responding to so many emails and calls. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for this church and their generosity.

Now, they're taking things to the next level. As I reviewed what's new I'm blown away by the expanded library of resources, but even more excited about the community that they are developing. Ministry can often feel lonely and isolated and now you have access to this growing community of likeminded leaders to connect with and share thoughts and ideas beyond resources. I believe the impact of this network will exponentially expand the impact of Life.Church as they continue to serve churches in such a generous way. I can't wait to see how this community develops! 

If it wasn't clear enough earlier, all of this is FREE. It always has been and always will be. It's unbelievable and I can't imagine a good reason why someone wouldn't want to at least check it out. Click the link below to learn more.

Launching an Online Church

A little more than 5 years ago I was hired on a 90 day trial to launch the Online Church campus at Community Bible Church.  It's been quite a ride as we have had more than a million unique visitors at, a weekly attendance of over 12,000 in live and simulated live services in both English and Spanish, a Facebook community of over 750,000 and countless lives that have been forever changed.  Beyond the numbers though, are the very real relationships that have been formed along the way.  It's been a journey that I could have never predicted 5 years ago because there was no roadmap to follow along the way and we had no idea where this might lead.  The good news for you is: there is now a roadmap!

After a couple of years of online ministry success many people have asked for help along the way and I have done my very best to support them in their initiatives.  Unfortunately, I can't take every phone call and answer every email from ministry leaders needing help.  A couple of publishers asked me to write a book, but that just didn't seem to be the right medium to help churches create their Online Church so I decided to create Online Church Leaders.  

Community Bible Church was generous with my time to allow me and my team to invest 10% of our time to create this resource for other church leaders to create an Online Church.  From day 1 it was our goal to help 1,000 church leaders create an Online Church that reached on average of 1,000 people/week.  That would be 1 million more people being reached each week through an Online Church experience!  

About 18 months ago we took everything we knew and partnered with our friends at Saddleback Church,, The Potter's House, and more to create a 12 session online course that we have made available for FREE!!!  Since launching we have seen more than 500 church leaders complete the course, but we still have a long way to go to accomplish our goals!  

I believe there is no better time than now for a church to launch an Online Church campus.  In this course we walk you through how to use a FREE Online Church platform, a FREE video hosting provider, FREE video editing tips and tricks, FREE online ads up to $10,000/month and more!  I believe that any church can launch an online campus in 7 days and be reaching more than 1,000 people each week without spending a penny.  

So, what are you waiting for?  I hope you will sign up for this FREE online course right now at  There are truly no strings attached and our only goal is to help your church reach more people using the proven techniques of experienced Online Church Leaders.  

Thank You

For years I watched from afar in amazement at how they constantly innovated and pioneered new ministry opportunites.  I was also blown away by their generosity as they always gave so much away.  While in Student Ministry I can't tell you how many times I was in a pinch trying to pull together a message and I was able to deliver something much better by using one of the Student Ministry teaching videos that made available for FREE!  

Today, I'm beyond honored to not only watch from afar in amazement at how God continues to expand their impact and influence, but I'm able to experience it first hand as I have gotten to know the leadership at and to be able to call them friends and partners in ministry.  The example that they have set and the personal investment that they have made in me has been an incredible blessing in my ministry and leadership.  I cannot begin to describe how much these leaders have shaped me as a leader through the years.

If you're not familiar with their FREE resources for Churches, please check out these links:

  • Church Online Platform - a FREE online platform for churches to host their online services
  • Church Metrics - a fantastic tool for tracking attendance, salvations, giving, etc.
  • Develop.Me - a great tool to develop church staff members
  • Open - packed with great resources from sermon messages, kids and student resources, leadership training, small group materials and so much more!

Oh yeah, and when they're not busy creating resources for church leaders, they're working on YouVersion!  Likely half of your congregation is using this app each weekend alongside 160 million other people who have downloaded this Bible app.  It truly is incredible all that God is using and how He is blessing their generosity!

Yesterday, I was privileged to experience another generous offering from a couple of key leaders at - their time.  This is probably the most valuable resource that anyone can offer.  While they were in New York, they simply opened up a 2 hour block of time for church leaders to simply come and ask questions as well as make requests for future resource developments.  The conversation was so inspiring and encouraging to myself and I know the other leaders who were privileged to participate.

Thank you for all that you do for churches everywhere, for the investment you have made in me over the years and for the time that you shared yesterday.  I am grateful!