Resource the Resourcers

I must confess that I’m cheap.  I like free and discounted things and I’m often looking for a good deal.  I have found through my stinginess that little value in these discounted items and the most valuable things almost always come at a significant cost. Churches are often the worst at looking for the discount or freebie as we are functioning on ministry budgets.  I get it!  I do it.  I regret it.

I’ve learned more recently about church resources such as curriculum and technology resources.  Our churches rely heavily on these resources and if we’re honest they save us a ton of time and money.  Imagine if you had to create your entire curriculum in house or manage your church database and finances on Excel.  These are valuable resources that we need to expand with more curriculums to be created and new technologies to be developed.

I understand being a good steward and before trying to negotiate a better price, consider how much time or money you are saving by using the resource in comparison to not using it.  In my experience I have yet to find anyone getting rich creating resources for the Church.  Even if someone does I will praise God for him or her as I’m guessing they’ve created a pretty incredible resource for the Church.

Here’s the reality to church resources: they need our resources so that they can create more and better resources.  It’s really pretty simple.

Here’s what I want to encourage you to do: next time you are signing up for a new account or purchasing a set of curriculum instead of negotiating a lower price simply thank them for creating the resource and ask them how you can help them get better.  When they get better, WE get better!  That’s far more valuable than saving $50/month.