future of the internet

Leveraging Digital Media

While at the Echo Conference last week, I attended a breakout session with Chance Mason, founder and president of 316 Networks.  You can get to know Chance better on Twitter by following him at http://twitter.com/chancemason.  While we don’t currently use 316 Networks at CBC, they will be an organization to watch as they have been and will continue to be on the cutting edge of digital media.  The session that Chance led was called Leveraging Digital Media for Bigger Impact and Greater Reach, here are the notes I took: The desire for GROWTH is the bottom-line for every ministry.

The new media ecosystem:

-  Social Networking- Introduction (Millions)

-  Web Content and Name Acquisition- Engagement (thousands)

-  Audience Segmentation- Conversation (Hundreds)

-  Targeted Messaging- Participation (1 on 1)

-  Feedback- Interaction

Social Networking-

-       Choose what you can handle (don’t spread yourself too thin with too much)

-       Have a plan for social media sharing (share only valuable information)

-       Post with the intention of driving traffic to your website

Social Networking- why do people follow you?

-       To let people know what products I support

-       To receive coupons and discount offers

-       To stay current on available new products

-       To learn about the company/organization

-       To meet with people who have interests similar to mine

Web name acquisition

-Your website is not just for information; it is the beginning of your engagement with your site viewers

- The use of video is key to connecting, re-engagement, and viral communication

- Name acquisition is a key function of your site

- Your ability to engage with your audience and effectively build relationships with them is key to ministry growth

Audience Segmentation

-DATA is key

- The more you know, the more effectively you’ll be able to communicate

- Information management is essential

Targeted Messaging

-       Develop e-communication that is relevant to a specific audience segment

-       Proven to increase response rates by at least 300%

-       Direct your audience to landing pages/micro sites to measure response

-       Incorporate triggered dialogues into your communication based on specific responses


-       Through triggered dialogue and viral strategies, your desire should be that your audience communicates with you and their friends through social media

-       Use user-generated content widgets to make sharing easy

Online Video

-       Predicted that 95% of online content will be video by 2015

-       7 out of 10 adults have used the internet to watch or download video

-       54% of mobile users have sent a video, 20% have viewed a video, and 15% have posed a video online through their mobile device

There’s so much to take in from these notes, so I won’t follow up with much.  As he ended with some statistics, my attention has been captivated by the idea that 95% of all online content will be video by 2015.  This is HUGE!

What does this mean for churches and the future of online ministry?  Do you think this is a realistic guess for the future of the web?