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The Next Big Thing: Vine

People are always asking me what the next big thing will be when it comes to Social Media.  Well, I think it's already here as the new App/Network form Twitter called Vine is exploding!  Vine is almost identical to Instagram except instead of photos with a filter, you are taking/sharing 6 second looping videos.  They are easy to create and addicting to watch!  I can't wait to see what people create and the stories that they will tell in these short 6 second clips. There is one big downfall that I see in the App: it doesn't integrate with Facebook.  It originally did, but after just one day Facebook cut this off.  It seems Facebook and Twitter don't play well together as Instagram (owned by Facebook) no longer integrates as seamlessly into Twitter as it once did.  While this might slow down the app from growing as fast as it could, I don't envision it slowing it down by much as I think this will catch one quick.

I would jump in now and start having fun both watching and sharing 6 second videos!  Here are some ministry ideas that I see:

  • Meet the staff (quick clips of various staff members)
  • Worship experience (6 second tour of worship environment)
  • Experience community (video of a small group gathering)
  • Event invite (write out invite with new word popping in ever half second)

* Get creative... have fun!

Take a look at this CNET video with a tutorial on how to get started on Vine:

Ready for the Olympics?

I'm ready for the Summer Olympics, are you? Yesterday we had some friends over to watch the Opening Ceremonies and we all got more excited about the next couple of weeks of competition ahead!  In preparing for the Olympics we all pulled out our iPhones (I was proud that everyone there was an iPhone user) and downloaded the 2 NBC Summer Olympics Apps.

As I've had a chance to play with these 2 Apps I am blown away and even more excited about the coverage we are able to see this week wherever I might be.  Have you downloaded these Apps yet?

As always my mind begins to think about the church and potential App development.  I begin to wonder what might be the next phase of mobile development that helps our churches better connect people with each other and with God through this technology?

Take a look at this video that Adobe put together promoting the Apps:


iPhone App Suggestion: Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle My sister, Becky (you can read her blog at www.thekisers.blogspot.com), introduced Katie and I to this App this past weekend.  You just turn it on with the alarm before you go to bed and it measures your sleep cycle through the night and then wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep.  They say that when you wake up at your lightest sleep cycle it is like waking up without an alarm.  It seems to have worked for us so far.  It's also interesting to note that as it turns out this App is HUGE in Japan!  Anyways, I'm not sure exactly how it works but I have learned that I'm not a great sleeper and Katie is.  It's a $.99 download and worth checking out.  You can also read more about this app at http://www.lexwarelabs.com/sleepcycle/. I can't believe everything that my cell phone can do!  Isn't the new iPhone coming out soon?