iPhone scanner

iOS App Suggestion: TinyScan

It's no secret that I love my iOS devices!  The best part of them is not the devices themselves, but the apps that people create for them.  One of my new favorite productivity apps is a simple app called TinyScan.  

Rarely am I willing to pay money for an app, but this one was well worth it!  It was actually first discovered by my wife when in a pinch needed to scan and email some real estate docs while we were traveling.  I was blown away by the quality of the scans and eager to get rid of our bulky scanner/printer in the process of moving.  With a $5 purchase on my iPhone I was able to do just that and I couldn't be happier with the app.  

You simply use your camera to take a picture of the document.  You then choose the format that you want the document to be saved as and then you can choose where you want to send the document (Dropbox, email, printer, etc.).  I'm generally a PDF to email user in case you're curious. 

Even if you're just an occasional scanner and you find it to be a hassle, I highly recommend this app!  If you have any questions before you make the $4.99 purchase don't hesitate to comment and I would love to answer any question that you might have.