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Protecting Your Kids Online

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Like most parents I am paranoid of the Internet when it comes to my daughters.  I know how real the dangers are online and how easily and accidentally you can end up in the wrong place.

My 3 year old already has mastered navigating my iPad and luckily does not know how to punch in my iTunes password or she would have already purchased far too many in App purchases.  While we monitor her use closely, I know this will become an even greater challenge in the years to come.

I want to share 2 great resources that will help you in protecting your family when they go online:

1) XXX Church Parents Blog- this blog is full of great information and conversations to make you aware of all that is going on in the internet.  As horrible as much of this information is and we almost want to look away, it's important to be informed and aware of what is out there and how to protect your family from it.

2) Safe Eyes Internet Filter- this software really puts you in control on what is blocked and makes you aware of all that is viewed.  You can control time everything from what can be viewed and even how long your kids spend online. This really is the best software out there both for Mac and PC as well as most mobile devices.

What else have you used/found to protect your family online?  What rules/limitations have you put in place for your kids when it comes to their activity online?