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Book Recommendation: Platform by Michael Hyatt

I am a big Michael Hyatt fan and was excited when I heard about his new book, Platform.  I could not wait for it to come out and downloaded it and read it as soon as I could.  It was honestly a quick read that I will come back to many times in the future. It is full of practical application on how to use today's technology to build your platform.  These concepts are practical for anyone in any field that has something to say.  I have worked with many leaders from pastors to home builders to insurance salesmen and I can confidently say that these concepts would benefit them all.

Michael Hyatt is a no nonsense communicator and doesn't sell you on his concepts, but rather shows you how he has built his platform and how you can do the same.  I highly encourage you to purchase this book and if nothing else skim the pages as I think you will find many takeaways for your platform (however large or small that might be).

By the way Michael Hyatt also recently launched a new podcast that is fantastic!  Check it out here.