man crush

I confess, I have a massive man crush on Francis Chan!

Francis Chan is stepping out in faith... from Catalyst on Vimeo.

My friend Brad Russell responded to my last post mentioning that Francis Chan is resigning from his role as senior pastor at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, CA.  As I shared in my last post, I have a large and now even larger man crush on Francis Chan.  The words that he writes and speaks are powerful and inspiring, but his actions speak even louder.  So often many leaders speak about bold vision and following God wherever He may call us, but they don't lead by example (I include myself on this list).  How impressive is it that Francis is now following God's leading even before he knows clearly where he is being called to go.  He just knows he's supposed to go.  I've always been inspired by the story of Peter stepping out of the boat and experiencing the power of God like no other disciple was ever able to experience walking on water.  I know God is going to continue to move through Francis Chan wherever he leads as he continues to step out of the boat in faith.  May we be inspired by the faith of these saints and step out of the boat wherever and whenever God calls us!