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Rockbridge is Hiring

rockbridge If you have been following this blog long you know how much I love my seminary, Rockbridge Seminary.  I had such a great experience and loved the experience of attending seminary online.  The seminary continues to grow and is hiring a new Director of Operations.  Here's the info on the position:

Rockbridge Seminary is looking for a part-time Director of Operations.  This person is responsible for student and IT support.  Below is a summary of the job:

Job Title:  Director of Operations

Job Type:  Part-Time

Job Description:  Available upon request.

Hours:  Flexible, 20 hours/week, but constant availability for emergencies

Pay Type:  Hourly

Wages:  $25-30/hour

Location: Distance Worker

Requirements:  provide computer, scanner, and Internet Service

Duties:  responsible for student support and IT support.

Contact:  Daryl Eldridge, 866-931-4300 ext 5