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Stop Automating Social Media

I often get asked how I automate Social Networks because it takes too much time, but I want to get my message out everywhere.  There are practical answers to their question, but my recommendation is generally to just not use Social Media if your goal is to figure out how to automate the systems.  To be honest, I spend far more time trying to develop systems to remove automation from our strategy in order to make Social Media more SOCIAL. I must confess I do use several tools to automate my posts such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Facebook Scheduler, and even this blog post is being written and scheduled days before.  These are valuable tools to me and I believe can be very valuable tools for you as well if used effectively.

While I schedule these posts out in advance, I also schedule time to respond and interact with various comments, tweets, and other Social Media conversations that have been created through this scheduled content.  I do not believe that I can create a conversation and just leave it.  This is where I feel that most people miss the mark when it comes to automating Social Media.

I used to have my blog update my Twitter account which I would then have automatically update my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and would get frustrated that Google wouldn't allow it to also update my Google+ account.  While I wasn't engaging on most of those platforms I still wanted all of those people to hear what I had to say.

I have since disconnected all of my accounts and do not feel that I should start a conversation that I do not plan to engage in.  This takes time and energy which many are not willing to invest.  I think you are missing a great opportunity, though.

For those who want to setup automated systems you can Google step by step instructions that will work for you.  I can save you some time and let you know that if you aren't planning on investing in relationships online no one will be listening.  Save your energy and don't waste your time automating anything.

Sorry for the rant.  Would love to hear your thoughts!