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Using YouTube for Ministry

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Wondering if you should be using YouTube for ministry?  Take 2 minutes and watch this video:


My guess is that you are now asking the questions: How do I use YouTube for Ministry?

This is where my friend Sean Cannell comes in.  He is a genius when it comes to maximizing YouTube in Ministry and wants to teach you at  He is launching a series of tools for churches to maximize YouTube for ministry.  Take 15 minutes and watch this first video that he posted with 12 suggestions on how you can begin using YouTube for Ministry:


I would love to hear how you are currently using YouTube and how you plan on using it in the future.

Viral Video of the Week- Strongest Girl in the World Prank

The majority of viral videos are short, funny, and appropriate for all ages. This one's great and I'm guessing just one of many viral videos ahead for Just For Laughs TV.

KODAK PLAYTOUCH week 2- It's Dead



As I've learned many times before with inexpensive technology: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.  Technology continues to become significantly cheaper and you don't have to be a large ministry or organization to produce high quality videos, pictures, or audio productions.  Buying the cheapest product on the market often isn't the wisest choice either.

Last week I posted about my new KODAK PLAYTOUCH and how excited I was to use it.  For about 3 days it was a great device until it crashed.  In looking for a fix in online forums it seems that this is a common issue for many other users.  I'm not sure of the cause and there seem to be many very happy users of the product, I'm just not one of them.  I'll be sending the camera back this week.

My plan is to shift back to my iPhone camera and looking to use a wireless bluetooth mic thanks to the advice of my friend Kenny Jahng.  Would love to hear your advice/suggestions when it comes to inexpensive video options (especially when it comes to improving audio quality).

Video Production Studio for $500 or Less!

I'm not a videographer, producer, or have many skills when it comes to the technical side of video.  I do however rely heavily on video content for the ministry that I lead.  I believe that most ministries can benefit from the use of video, but fear both the cost and technical know how to utilize this technology. With CBC Online our primary worship services are recorded and edited with high end industry standard equipment.  Beyond these services though, we needed  the ability to create short videos to communicate with our community via video on Facebook and YouTube.

I originally used my iPhone4, webcam, and an HD Flip Cam to create this content.  After about 20 or so videos with this equipment that I already owned and a growing ministry I felt it was time for an upgrade, so we built a studio in my office.

I set a budget of $500 and got started.  Here's what I bought:

  • Camera- $150:  Fujifilm FinPix F660 EXR Digital Camera- this camera is not the best, but for the budget this point and shoot camera was a big upgrade in quality at an affordable cost.  I purchased this camera from
  • Audio- $40: Wired Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condensor Mircrophones- better audio was our greatest need and at a very low cost we bought 2 of these wired mics from Amazon and a splitter plugging directly into the computer microphone input.
  • Lights- $300: I bought used lights and backdrops from Craigslist with 2 umbrella lights, 2 softboxes, a black backdrop, green screen, and all of the stands to go with them.   Honestly, you can get a new set from Amazon for less than $250 very similar to this.
  • Software- FREE- we use iMovie and it does even more than we need it to.  It's free with any Mac and very easy to use.

Want to see what we ended up with?  Take a look at this video we recently recorded in my office with John Valenzuela:



What do you think?  Can this work for your ministry or organization?

What tools are you using for video?  Any tricks or tips that you can share?