Learning from Rich Dad Poor Dad

Recently I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad after many friends have recommended it for years.  After just 1 chapter in I was full of regret for not reading this book sooner, so I want to immediately encourage you to read the book as soon as possible.  I learned a lot about personal finances from this book, but there were nuggets of wisdom throughout that applied to many aspects of life and ministry. 

While there are many principles in the book that don’t apply to ministry, there was one that I feel directly applies: Find a need, meet it and find other people to continue to meet the need.  Consider that a loose translation of the principle, but here’s what I mean:

As church leaders we often see needs and by nature meet them.  Where we get stuck is we continue to meet the need ourselves and quickly become stuck and overwhelmed doing good work meeting needs.  When we do this we often miss out on other great ministry opportunities, but even more we miss the opportunity of sharing the blessing of meeting the need with others.  We can exponential expand our ministry impact by simply taking the needs we are meeting and inviting others to begin meeting them.  

This principle sounds simple, but if we all begin to look at how we are spending our ministry time I would be willing to bet that 50% of what we do can be shared with someone else.  Know that you're not just handing off the task, but allowing others to experience the blessing of meeting the needs in your community.

Next time you see a need and meet it, I want encourage you to as quickly as possible think about how you can give away the opportunity to someone else.  The more we are able to do  this, the more needs we personally are able to meet.  Even greater though is the exponential Kingdom impact we are able to make together when we share ministry opportunities with others rather than hoarding them to ourselves.