The New TV

I'm always fascinated to see what new Apps come out on the iPhone.  It seems more and more are video/tv/movie related.  Hulu has a great new app where you can watch pretty much any tv show that you want to watch.  Netflix is coming out with their App where you will be able to stream any of their movies that they have available online.  One of my favorites is my MLB app where I can watch almost any baseball game live and can get highlight videos almost immediately.  YouTube really got it started on the iPhone, but so much more has come and is coming!  One of the most exciting things is not the videos that you will download or stream, but that you can create!  I'm currently working on a little video of Emery's first year that I'm creating completely on my new iPhone4.  I still love my 42" flatscreen at home, but my 3" flatscreen in my pocket isn't bad either!