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The Next Big Thing: Vine

People are always asking me what the next big thing will be when it comes to Social Media.  Well, I think it's already here as the new App/Network form Twitter called Vine is exploding!  Vine is almost identical to Instagram except instead of photos with a filter, you are taking/sharing 6 second looping videos.  They are easy to create and addicting to watch!  I can't wait to see what people create and the stories that they will tell in these short 6 second clips. There is one big downfall that I see in the App: it doesn't integrate with Facebook.  It originally did, but after just one day Facebook cut this off.  It seems Facebook and Twitter don't play well together as Instagram (owned by Facebook) no longer integrates as seamlessly into Twitter as it once did.  While this might slow down the app from growing as fast as it could, I don't envision it slowing it down by much as I think this will catch one quick.

I would jump in now and start having fun both watching and sharing 6 second videos!  Here are some ministry ideas that I see:

  • Meet the staff (quick clips of various staff members)
  • Worship experience (6 second tour of worship environment)
  • Experience community (video of a small group gathering)
  • Event invite (write out invite with new word popping in ever half second)

* Get creative... have fun!

Take a look at this CNET video with a tutorial on how to get started on Vine: