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NYC Favorite Things - CoWorking Locations

One of my best finds in New York was Croissant. This is an app that allowed for me to utilize various co-working spaces around the city. I loved having both this convenience and the excuse to visit various areas around the city. I also loved picking up differing creative and productivity vibes created by each of the co-working spaces I was able to visit. Here were 5 of my favorite co-working spots on the city:

     LMHQ - this was my go to place to get things done. Their location in Lower Manhattan was ideal for me and I loved the creative energy in this place with the create paint (dry erase on all walls) and layout of the space. They also always had a great playlist on in the collaborative area.

     Joynture - this was my second go to location right off of Wall Street. They have a high class and creative space with dedicated call booths (very important to me). They also have a stocked fridge, abundant snacks and an espresso machine. Oh yeah, and they have an oversized Jenga game in the back.

     Workville - location, location, location. This incredible spot right in Times Square is fantastic with a wrap around outdoor balcony with a beautiful view of the Empire State Building and most of Midtown. They also have great call rooms and good coffee. I would have been more of a regular here if it weren’t a longer commute from our apartment in Brooklyn.

     Rise - I loved the energy in this space and the overall creative energy. They have a great location right next to the Flatiron building and some cool elements like a Recording Studio and 3D Printer. They only had 1 call booth, which was often occupied making this location challenging for me with all of the calls that I have every day.

     Rough Draft - this spot in Williamsburg fits the vibe of that area perfectly. Honestly, I’m not nearly cool enough to work here regularly. I loved being here and so dug the vibe. I highly recommend others check it out, especially if you are doing creative work.


Co-working is a trend that is not just growing in New York City, but all over the world. I expect to see more places continuing to pop up around New York and throughout cities everywhere. Not every co-working location is for everyone. I would love to hear your thoughts on co-working and any experiences you have had through venues like this.

NYC Favorite Things - Tourist Recommendations

After living in New York City people are always asking us what they should see when they visit the city. Many people think they want to see the non-tourist spots, but the truth is there’s a reason why everyone wants to visit the same spots: they’re really cool. Here are our top 5 recommendations to tourists:

1.     911 Museum - this is worth a half-day and a trip to the top of One World Trade. While this is a heavy emotional experience, it speaks so much to the core of America and New York City. It’s well worth taking the time. I would do it on the front end of your trip rather than finish with this.

2.     Top of the Rock - best view in the city hands down. There’s so much to do in and around Rockefeller Center like the NBC Studio Tour and watching the ice skaters, but the best part of Rockefeller Center is the view from the top. It’s worth the ticket and long wait in line.

3.     Staten Island Ferry - this is the best free show in New York City. Jumping on this 30 minute ferry ride gives you an incredible view of the statue of liberty and a nice look at Lower Manhattan as you come back into Manhattan.

4.     Ellen’s Diner - this is the most unique dining experience in the world! If you enjoy Broadway tunes this is the place for you as the wait staff goes above and beyond serving you food, providing live music non-stop. They’re all incredible performers!

5.     Chelsea Market/High Line - this spot is becoming more popular with great shopping and even better food. Stop in for a treat and then spend some time walking up and down the High Line Park just a block away.


Additional recommendation:
     Double Decker Bus Tour - we’ve taken many tours before moving here and the best one we took about a year ago on a double decker bus. It’s worth paying for one day in the city as you can see so much more by taking advantage of these bus systems. Beyond the ride, the tour guides are all great and can point out details about the city that are always fascinating!

5 Podcasts That I’m Listening To

Moving to New York City intensified my love for podcasts. Riding the subway I lose mobile service and podcasting has become the best way to pass the time in the most productive way. I’ve always listened to podcasts, but the past 2 years my listening time significantly increased. Here are my top 5 favorite podcasts:

  1. The #AskGaryVee Show Podcast - great social media and business insights (warning: Gary’s language can be a little strong)

  2. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast - this is the podcast that I’ve listened to for the longest and always moves to the top of my list when new episodes come out. I wish there were more episodes than just once a month.

  3. Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast - the interviews on this podcast for church leaders are second to none. If you’re a church leader and you are not listening, please subscribe today.

  4. This Is Your Life Podcast with Michael Hyatt - Over the past half decade or so I’ve read and listened to as much Michael Hyatt as I can. I love his leadership insights and productivity hacks that he so openly shares.

  5. Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn - conversations with some incredible digital geniuses that are utilizing online marketing systems in effective and efficient ways.


Here are a few others on my subscribe list:


Also, I want to also highly recommend 3 other podcasts that I am very hands on with:

  1. Social Media Church Podcast - Jay Kranda and I talk Social Media for church leaders with some of the top practitioners around the world.

  2. Awesome Marriage Podcast - featuring Dr. Kim Kimberling, I have the privilege of co-hosting with Christina Dodson where we talk practically about how you can have an awesome marriage.

  3. Emotionally Healthy Leadership Podcast - Pete Scazzero and Rich Villodas share openly and honestly about leadership from the trenches and how Emotionally Healthy Spirituality can transform your leadership.

1 Year in New York

It has officially been 1 year since Katie and I moved our family to New York.  It has been quite a ride that is difficult to describe.  While I can’t say it’s been perfect, I can with great confidence say that it’s been right.  We felt God leading us to New York and while we believe He has more in store for us here, this first year has been incredible for our family and our marriage.  I thought I would share a few of the aspects of New York that have really impacted me:

1.     The Culture – this is the biggest reason we moved to New York. We wanted to expose ourselves and our kids to a global understanding that we felt could only gained in New York.  The city hasn’t disappointed as I’ve yet to have an Uber driver from the U.S. and I’ve maximized every minute of each drive to learn about them and their home country.  Everywhere we go in the city we gain a deeper insight into the various cultures from all over the world that continue to shape the unique culture of New York City as a whole.  Oh yeah, the food from all over the world is a nice cultural perk as well!

2.     The Hustle people move fast in New York, really fast!  I’m an extremely hard worker and very driven.  New Yorkers make me feel lazy.  While this can be a terrible trait for many, it has energized and pushed me by being around so many people that want to make the most of every second and so extremely driven to succeed in whatever it is that they’re working on. 

3.     The Space (or lack of) – we moved from a 2,600 sq/ft house to a 700 sq/ft apartment and love it!  While 2 bathrooms wouldn’t be too bad, simple living will be a part of our lives from this point on.  We also have enjoyed the forced shared space in the park, on the subway and seemingly everywhere we go.  Limits force creativity and the maximization of space might be the most creative part of New York.

4.     The Entertainment – it’s hard not to find good entertainment in New York!  About half of our subway rides we are entertained by some type of performers trying to make a dollar or the many free shows Katie has found for us to see.  It’s still unbelievable to me that we saw Jimmy Fallon and the only expense was the subway ride over.   We’ve also seen some great Broadway shows, taken in some incredible Jazz music and participated in the MP3 experiment.  I think it’s impossible to ever be bored in New York City.

5.     The People – the best part of New York is the people.  Not just the many cultures that have come together, but the true native New Yorkers.  People often think they are angry, grumpy and mean.  They might be, but they are some of the most incredible people I have ever been around.  They are aggressive, direct, often loud, confrontational and always focused.  They know what they want and they don’t want you to get in their way while they’re trying to get there or do that.  I just love them and they’re what makes New York, New York. 

Our plan in moving to New York was to be here for 2 years.  We’re halfway there with no regrets and excitement as we begin year 2!