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Virtual Book Tour now available On-Demand starting this week!

Social Media Guide for Ministry
Social Media Guide for Ministry

A little more than 2 months ago I released my first book, Social Media Guide for Ministry.  It has been such a blessing to hear so many stories from ministry leaders who have been encouraged by the book and implementing the principles discussed.  In releasing the book we held a Virtual Book Tour and I'm excited to now share the videos from this tour with you to watch whenever you want with whoever you want.  I pray these training videos will be a blessing to you and the ministry that you lead.  Check back here at every day this week as a new video will be released daily over the next 5 days.

rightnow Media Customizable Training Library

I'm pumped up right now about rightnow Media and the feature I am most excited about is the Customizable Training Library.  I have researched for a couple years now how to create a similar platform and to be honest it is too complicated and expensive for me to do on my own.  Luckily rightnow Media made this investment and is making it available to thousands of churches. Not only is the technology available, flexible, and customizable; but it's affordable!  It also can integrate a vast collection of training videos already created so you don't have to create video materials or seek out permission to use others.  This is a plug and play system that is ready to go!  Take a look at this video:


What do you think?  Can your church use this tool?

I can't wait to begin using it for not only new leader training, but ongoing training for our entire team!  This is a tool that I think we will begin using for 2 or 3 things and in the process begin finding 10-12 other uses for it.  I love tools that make you more effective and efficient at the same time!  This tool does just that if used right!