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Congratulations Rockbridge Seminary

rockbridge (1) I have shared many times here that I love my seminary!  Not only do I love Rockbridge Seminary, but I'm extremely proud of my seminary as they have recently become officially accredited.  It was only a matter of time before this became official as it is overseen by an incredible team of leaders that continue to make this great seminary even better.

If you're considering a seminary education, I can't recommend Rockbridge enough.  I was in a great ministry role and didn't feel that I should leave to get trained to more effectively do what I was already doing.  I didn't have to.  Rockbridge came right alongside me right where I was and invested in me as a ministry leader.

For those who say it's just not personal enough, you really need to experience it.  Online education isn't for everyone, but it is for more than you think.  I grew closer to my online classmates who were all over the world than I ever did with the ones who sat next to me in my undergraduate program.  Give it a try and I think you will like what you experience!

Congrats Rockbridge Seminary and Rock'rs everywhere!

Thank You Rockbridge Seminary

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Springfield, Missouri with Chris Tripputi to walk the stage after both completing our Masters in Ministry Leadership from Rockbridge Seminary.  It took us both about 3 years and it was an incredible journey!

I really can't recommend Rockbridge enough as it gave me the opportunity to attend seminary and apply the things that I learned immediately as I never had to leave my ministry position to attend seminary.  The classes were incredible, professors were fantastic, and the interaction with my classmates was amazing!  It was actually through my experience at Rockbridge that I began to dream about online ministry.  I found that through my interactions in my online courses I was growing incredibly through the program but I was also connecting with my classmates and professors much deeper than I ever had in an in person learning environment.  It is something I really cannot describe well enough and something you must experience to understand.

If you have every considered going to seminary, I hope you will give Rockbridge a try.  I have heard so many friends in ministry tell me that they earned a piece of paper from seminary and that they were challenged intellectually but not prepared to be a ministry leader.  That is sad to hear and I cannot imagine that you will ever hear that from a Rockbridge graduate.  If you have any questions about Rockbridge, please don't hesitate to ask!

Many friends and family members have asked "what's next?"  Many people get an education to prepare them for their dream job.  Since I already have my dream job, my plan is to continue to apply what I have learned at Rockbridge to the Online and Young Adult Ministries at Community Bible Church.  With my extra time I'm excited to be a little (okay a lot) more focused at home as a husband and father.  I'm a learner by nature though and I don't think my formal education will stop here.  I would love any recommendations that anyone might have!  Maybe an MBA or a DMin in the future?