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Hosting the Social Media Church Podcast

I can't be more excited to announce that I will be the new host of the Social Media Church Podcast.  I have been incredibly honored to participate in the conversation as a guest and incredibly honored to now lead the conversation as the host.  

Over the past few months I have become increasingly fascinated by the overwhelming growth of podcasting and began to get very interested in the possibility of hosting a podcast.  I reached out to my friend, DJ Chuang, to ask his advice about the subject and he shared with me his interest in taking a break from podcasting to spend more time with his son before he graduates.  When he offered the reigns of the Social Media Church Podcast I jumped at the opportunity without hesitation. 

To be honest, along with the excitement came a significant feeling of being overwhelmed.  First, to follow DJ Chuang is no small task.  He has carried this conversation for more than 2 years and has decades of relationships established and a knowledge base like no one else I know.  I have enjoyed listening to the conversations and occasionally participating, but to lead it is quite overwhelming.  

Beyond the pressure comes the feelings of time management and life balance that have become so important over the past year.  As I considered the opportunity though, this conversation is so important to me personally and the ministries that I'm so blessed to serve that it is perfectly aligned with where I desire to invest my limited time and energies.  This is big and I take it very sersiously and will continue to be very committed to furthering this conversation in the years ahead.  

All this to say that I'm extremely excited about all of the conversations that are ahead and moving the conversation forward as ministry leaders pioneer social media together.  It's my desire to see the church become the most innovative organization on the planet and social media in my opinion is the ideas platform for churches to lead in innovation.  In this fast paced world of social media there will never be a shortage of topics as well as a great diversity of leaders and perspectives to join this dialogue.  If you're not yet a subscriber of the Social Media Church podcast, I hope you will go straight to iTunes right now and subscribe.  Don't just subscribe though, join the dialogue online and be a part of moving the conversation forward.

I would love to hear what topics or questions you might have about social media and ministry as well as any ministry or social media innovators that you would recommend joining this conversation on the podcast.