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Introducing Church Web Tools

Screen shot 2012-08-04 at 6.12.59 PM A couple months ago at CBC Online we were looking for a simple LifeGroup Finder for our LifeGroups Online and could not find an affordable solution that would work for us.  I went through the popular solutions out there and they honestly did too much and definitely costed too much.  We needed a simple solution and Church Web Tools proved to be the perfect fit.

I randomly came across Church Web Tools through a Google search and when testing it quickly became a fan.  It's a simple, very affordable, and fairly flexible solution.  The finder is easily embedded as a Facebook App or can also easily be added to your site as a Shadowbox pop out.  One feature that we are not able to use that is very cool is the map functionality so that people can find a physical group near their home.

Since adding the LifeGroup App to CBC Online, I'm looking to add the Prayer Request module next.  It's actually their featured Application, but we wanted to try out the LifeGroup Finder first.

If you're looking for a solution for either a LifeGroup finder or Prayer Request module, I highly recommend you checking out Church Web Tools.  The guys are fantastic to work with and you won't be disappointed with their product.