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Stovall Weems
Stovall Weems
Stovall Weems is the founding lead pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL. He is noted for his energetic, engaging and practical communication style. As a pastor, teacher and conference speaker his ministry focuses on building the local church, reaching people with the gospel and developing followers of Christ who are passionate about their walk with God. Celebration Church is a global, diverse, multi-site church that reaches people from all walks of life. Since it began with just 7 people in 1998, the church has grown to 10 campuses in both the United States and abroad with nearly 11,000 people in weekend attendance at all of their campuses. Through local, national and international television, Stovall Weems Ministries is broadcast weekly in over 200 countries and can be seen in over 60 million homes across the United States. Stovall and his wife Kerri have three children, Kaylan, Stovie and Annabelle.

Here are the notes from Stovall's message last night at the 2013 All Access Conference:

Genesis 2:1-3

Mark 10:35-45

Pain, Calling, Identity - Those are the things that we will constantly be processing

"Leadership is much more than best practices."

Living Well- Be Seated

 What is your greatest goal?

The goal that should supersede every goal is to be seated with Christ where you have unbroken fellowship with Him.

Ephesians 2:6-7

3 Principles of "Shabbat" or Sabbath

1)    The Goal of Unbroken Fellowship with Christ. (lifestyle)

2)    Learning to "Leave it" (weekly)

3)    Learning to say "it is good" (daily)