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2016 Look Back: Snapchat Series

Many predicted Snapchat to be 2016’s social network. It’s not hard to see why since the social network undoubtedly caused quite a stir in the social media world. Last April I dedicated a blog series to looking at Snapchat in close detail. Let’s take a look back:

Although we’ve seen Facebook and Instagram imitate many of Snapchat’s unique features, this quirky little social network didn’t go away and ministries should continue to keep their attention on it this year.

2016 Look Back: Instagram Series

In 2016 I dedicated a blog series for Instagram discussing how it could be most effectively used for ministry. 2016 was quite a year for Instagram stepping up against its surprising competitor Snapchat (I also wrote a blog series about Snapchat).

Here’s a look back at a series that I hope inspires y’all to up your Instagram game this year:

If you think you haven’t given much attention to Instagram in 2016, I challenge you to crush it this year!

10 Interesting Facts about Snapchat

Many social media experts are predicting Snapchat to be the social network of 2016. It’s not surprising why as you take a look at the following facts about this fast growing social network:

1.     Snapchat has 100 million active users with 400m snaps sent every day
2.     Snapchat’s core users are 13-24 year-olds
3.     70% of its users are female, versus 30% male
4.     It ranks fourth among the top social media sharing site
5.     77% of college students use the app
6.     50% of college students use the app as a means of communication
7.     Only 1% of advertisers are currently using Snapchat
8.     Brands are charged $750,000 per day to advertise on Snapchat
9.     In addition, Snapchat Stories, a way to view a user’s collection for longer than a few seconds, are being viewed 500 million times a day.
10.   50% of Snapchat users are below the age of 18, followed by 31% within the 18-24 bracket and just 19% above the age of 25.
* Source:

So, what does all of this mean? Well, this quirky little social network for teenagers doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon and everyone is beginning to pay attention. It’s time to figure it out if you want to reach and engage teenagers and young adults.

2 years ago at a conference I said that I don’t see any redeemable value in Snapchat. I was wrong. The good news is that there are tremendous ministry opportunities if you are ready to be creative and build relationships. It’s confusing, slow and unlike anything else. In my opinion though, it’s worth it. For the next few days we will be digging deeper into this platform and sharing how you can most effectively use it to accomplish your ministry goals.