social media scheduling

Start UnScheduling Your Social Media Posts

The most common excuse I get from ministry leaders as to why they're not active on social media is because they don't have enough time.  They are often shocked to find the magic "Schedule" button on Facebook and with that they're ready to go.  Personally, I schedule about 80% of my social media posts and for most of my clients it's closer to 90-95%.  Planning ahead and scheduling ahead can be very efficient and effective.  

I hate to go back on my word, but now I feel the need to tell you to STOP scheduling all of your social media posts.  Well, maybe not ALL of your social media posts, but pay attention to the climate of culture and the relevancy of certain posts.  I say this from personal experience and personal mistakes in this area.  

Here's what happens: a major event happens in our culture and our congregants and those who are connected to our ministries go to see what the organization or the leader/pastor has to say.  When they see scheduled posts going out that are irrelevant to the situation it gives the perception that the ministry or ministry leader either doesn't care or isn't very connected to the cultural climate around them.

So what do you do?  It's honestly not that complicated, STOP scheduling your social media posts.  Not always.  Not forever.  Just in that moment for a period of time.  

As we look back on the recent Supreme Court ruling many churches, ministries, pastors and leaders were speechless and not sure what to say.  While many didn't have much to say about the subject their social media accounts had plenty of messages to communicate that were irrelevant to the situation, which only created greater confusion.  

For those who are used to scheduling content, unscheduling it is rarely a natural part of our rhythms.  That needs to change.  Our rhythms must remain flexible and fluid and in tune with the culture around us.  As you continue to maximize social media for ministry please work efficiently and effectively to schedule great content, but also stay flexible and ready to unschedule your posts just as quickly.  

Do you schedule your content on social media?  What tools do you use?  Do you ever unschedule your posts?