What's Next?

I just watched a couple interviews at Catalyst Backstage with Jack Dorsey who founded both Twitter and now Square as well.  He's an impressive innovator and there is so much I will be chewing on for a while after watching these interviews.

One of the biggest takewayas from the interviews is that he is always looking toward What's Next?

The guy founded Twitter!  What else does someone need to accomplish?  He has made plenty of money and created something that has crossed cultures and changed the way so many of us communicate.

That wasn't enough and he seeks to continue to innovate and striving to meet the needs he sees all around him. So he launched Square.  Since he's already radically impacted communication, now he's created a product that will likely radically impact commerce with a simple credit card reader that connects with our smart phones.  Genius!

As a church leader, I desire to lead in a similar way.  I want to look at the needs all around me and strive to meet those needs impacting the world with the gospel.  I think too often in ministry we have a "success" and we get comfortable.  We pay off our buildings or reach our numerical goals and quickly become stagnant.  We celebrate what God did (and there's nothing wrong with that) but we miss what God is doing or is about to do.  Our work is never over and the needs all around us are great.  May we as the church continue to innovate and find new ways to Reach, Teach, and Help people in Jesus' name.