Thank You PushPay

This past week I had the privilege of presenting at the eChurch Summit at Disneyland Hotel hosted by PushPay. Prior to this event I was already a big fan of PushPay and had helped several churches connect with their outstanding online giving solution. I had met several of the company’s team members over the past few years, but it wasn’t until this week that I felt like I really understood who PushPay is as a company.

Participating in the eChurch Summit truly sits at the top of the list of ministry highlights that I have experienced over the past 15 years. For that, I want to say Thank You PushPay.

Thank you for your INCREDIBLE HOSPITALITY. Your team was incredibly personal and professional in all preparations leading up to the conference. Your team even coordinated our delayed flights beautifully and rolled out the red carpet for my family when we arrived. If that wasn’t enough, the hospitality at the event was over the top in helping me find the right rooms, sit in the right seats and even stay caffeinated throughout. I was blown away and know that this level of hospitality is a core to who PushPay is as a company and how I know you serve the ministries that use PushPay.

Thank you for INVESTING IN CHURCH LEADERS. It would be easy for you to focus on just the product offerings that you provide, but you do not stop there. You have seen the need to invest in the church around the 3 key areas of Leadership, Communication and Technology. I can’t agree more in this need and appreciate that you are making both the time investment and financial investment in leading these conversations. The structure of this conference and the voices that you brought to the table were second to none. Seriously, you brought in John Maxwell, Sean Cannel and Bob Goff along with so many others! By the way, the VIP Dinner was the highlight of the conference for me and allowing me the time to personally invest in about 20 leaders in such a unique was really special. I hope those leaders got as much out of that time together as I did.

Thank you for LEADING INNOVATION. I don’t think anyone will argue that the church has too often received the leftovers when it comes to technology. That is no longer the case when it comes to online giving and PushPay has created a giving experience and now also a mobile app experience that is better than anything available in any sector. I’m so grateful for the investment that you are making in building a team of more than 100 developers who are continuing to push the limits of technology for the sake of the Kingdom.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

For any church or ministry leaders out there who are looking for a mobile app and online giving solution, I can’t encourage you enough to check out eChurch Giving today.

By the way, the dates for next year’s conference are set for February 13-15, 2018. If I were you I would put those dates on the calendar now and plan to bring your team out to Disneyland Hotel for an experience that will be transformative for your church. They have already announced the following speakers are locked in to participate: Seth Godin, Erwin McManus and Steven Furtick.