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Blog Suggestion: Big Is The New Small


I connected with the blog: Big Is The New Small about a year ago through an interview with Scott Williams on  After hearing the interview, I quickly began following Scott on Twitter (he's very BIG on twitter) and reading his blog.  Scott's a campus pastor for in Northwest Oklahoma City and a bold visionary with a passionate heart.  On my previous blog, I posted a video of Scott from The Nines conference with his message: Church Diversity Sucks.  Anyways, if you are not already aware of Scott Williams and Big Is The New Small you need to be!  Here's what you need to know about his blog:

The Bigger more successful an organization or ministry becomes, the Smaller and more laser focused the vision must become.

The Bigger a persons belly becomes, in order to loose weight the Smaller their portions have to become.

The Bigger the lottery amount, the Smaller the chances of winning.

The Bigger a leader becomes the Smaller the number of individuals they can directly disciple (Think about it, Jesus only had 12).