tips to crushing snapchat

3 Tips to Crushing Snapchat

I want you to crush Snapchat! While there’s no shortcut to creating great mobile videos that engage this audience there are some best practices that I think can help you focus your hustle.  Here are 3 tips that I recommend you integrating into your strategy:

1.     Share your username on your other social networks - currently there is no way to organically find people. You must use your other platforms to grow this platform. That’s part of what makes this platform special is that it’s really hard for Marketers to win big. It’s made for real, personal interaction. Help those that are currently interacting with you elsewhere also interact with you here before they stop interacting elsewhere.

2.     Use the stories feature to tell stories - please, please don’t just use Snapchat for announcements. No one will listen. Use this platform to tell stories. Real stories of what God is doing in and through your church. As people are engaging with your stories it doesn’t hurt to pop in an announcement or two, but don’t make announcements the center of your Snapchat strategy.

3.     Be creative! - use filters, slow down video, draw on images, and make silly faces!  Be creative and have fun! When people think of church, they rarely think of fun. Why is that?  Wasn’t Jesus first miracle turning water into wine at a party? I don’t want to open up the floodgates of debate, but I do think churches should be known as a place where people have fun. Snapchat is a place where people have fun and if you want to engage most effectively here, look to make people laugh and have fun.  

I hope these help! What other tips would you recommend to other church or ministry leaders looking to crush Snapchat?