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10 Interesting Facts about Twitter

Twitter was one of the first social networks to come on to the scene many years ago and continues to be a force.  As you consider your investment in this social network I want you to think about the following facts:

1.     Twitter has 316 million monthly active users.

2.     500 million tweets are sent per day.

3.     77% of Twitter accounts exist outside the U.S.

4.     The platform supports over 35 languages.

5.     23% of all online adults use Twitter (a proportion identical to the 23% of online adults who did so in September 2014).

6.     Internet users living in urban areas are more likely than their suburban or rural counterparts to use Twitter. Three-in-ten online urban residents use the site, compared with 21% of suburbanites and 15% of those living in rural areas.

7.     Twitter is more popular among younger adults — 30% of online adults under 50 use Twitter, compared with 11% of online adults ages 50 and older.

8.     In 2013, the number of active smartphone Twitter users in the United States was 30.8 million and is projected to amount to 56.5 million in 2018.

9.     There are 391 million Twitter accounts with no followers.

10.   Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets.

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So, what does all of this mean?  Well, Twitter is HUGE and there are millions of people globally actively engaging in this social network every day. From a simple and direct perspective if you are in an urban context and desire to engage a younger audience (under 50 years old) Twitter is a great platform and you will engage much better using tweets with images.

While this sounds simple, it really is much more complex. You must first decide whether you are going to focus energies on this platform and then figure out how you maximize your time investment to most effectively engage. For the next few days I will continue sharing more information about Twitter and how you can best utilize this platform for ministry.