YouTube vs Vimeo

Organizations are always asking me if they should use YouTube or Vimeo. My answer is almost always the same: both.

These 2 platforms are great, but for different reasons.

YouTube is a great standalone platform where people will find your content via search and the high traffic community exists to build a new audience.

Vimeo however would likely store your content for years publicly and only get a handful of views if left just on Vimeo. The advantage to Vimeo is in what you can do with these videos beyond the platform alone as they can embed easily into other platforms. With TVApp.Church our primarily integration point is Vimeo because of how well it integrates into our system where YouTube makes it near impossible to integrate. Vimeo videos also embed nicely into websites, online courses and so many other uses.

So, you’re likely frustrated feeling like you now have to do more work managing multiple platforms. Well, yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m saying. .

As you get started with video you will likely only need YouTube and for many video creators YouTube might be all you ever need. As your platform grows and you desire to drive people to your website, blog, apps, etc. and host video content on your own platform you will likely need to expand to Vimeo.


It’s really not that complicated. It also doesn’t take as much time as you might think as you begin to get your systems down. Getting to know both of these platforms will prove valuable long-term as neither of them is going away and online video is only going to increase.


The Ps to Pastoring People More Productively Online

The world is changing fast around us and as pastors we must lead our congregation differently than we might have even a few years ago.  With the connectivity of social media we can shift from pastoring our congregation 1-2 hours a week to speaking into their lives on a daily basis.  Here are 4 P's to help you maximize social media to pastor people more productively online:

  • Pre-Record Videos - use your smart phone and record 5 short videos to schedule out on Facebook or other social networks throughout the week.  These can be simple 30-90 second videos where you can either follow up from your sermon the weekend before, prepare your congregation for the sermon to come or simply offer a message completely independent of your current messages.
  • Periscope Often - you can interact live with anyone anywhere through Periscope with 1 click on your smartphone.  You can share messages and interact with live Q & A through the chat interaction.  Don't miss this incredible ministry opportunity that didn't even exist a couple of months ago!  By often I mean 2-3 times each week, don't feel that you need to live stream your life 24/7.
  • Post Consistently - while videos and images are taking over social media, words of wisdom still have great power.  Use Twitter, Facebook and other networks to post scripture passages, sermon quotes, or any other inspirational messages online.
  • Pray through your News Feed - it might sound silly, but using your news feed as a prayer guide can be a powerful experience.  Whether you see posts from your congregants or just take a peak at trending topics to pray over.  I believe God can use the News Feed to draw your attention to the things He desires to put on your heart.  Don't hesitate to leave individuals messages letting them know that they've been prayed for as well.  It will mean more than you know!

I hope these are beneficial to you and something you will give a try this week!  What can it hurt?

Okay, I know what you're thinking... it will cost me time!  Let me challenge you to make room in your calendar this week and review the impact at the end of the week.  I am willing to bet that you will find the investment well worth the cost of the time.  Here's the bet: since your giving up your time, I'll give up mine.  I'm offering a FREE 15 minute consultation to anyone who takes the bet and feels it wasn't worth the time committed.  Simply send me a message and we'll setup the call.  What do you say?  Will you take me up on this bet?