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Condoleeza Rice at the Global Leadership Summit

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Condoleezza Rice is best known as the former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.  Honestly, when I heard that Rice would be speaking at the Summit I was not looking forward to her message/interview.  I assumed it would be overly political, but I couldn't be more wrong.  I learned so much about her leadership and faith.  There were also many takeaways that I think you will find as well in my notes from this session: No one wants to live in tyranny Freedom is not the same thing as Democracy Freedom does not just come with rights, but also responsibilities The strong cannot exploit the weak Democracy is only as strong as its weakest link Every life is worthy If every life is worth then every life is capable of greatness.  It is then our responsibility to give each person the opportunity for greatness. As children of God how can it be that anyone is more worthy than anyone else? Is it really true that it doesn't matter where you came from, it matters where you're going? How do you lead from the troubling times in which we live and in times that are more prosperous? The opportunity to lead carries many responsibilities. Recognize that leadership is also helping people to see their own leadership opportunities and potential. The most important characteristic of a leader is optimism. No one will follow a pessimist. How do you remain optimistic in difficult times? Keep perspective about how hard your circumstances really are. Romans 5- Hope does not disappoint It is a privilege to struggle and out of struggle can come victory. Somehow things that seemed impossible become inevitable.

These things were not inevitable, but the work of those who sacrificed everything for a principle. "They were people who never accepted the world as it is and always worked towards what the world should be."



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