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5 Reasons To Launch an Online Church Campus in 2016

5 years ago I was begging church leaders to use social media and now I feel like church leaders are begging me to understand how the use social media. While I don’t believe that launching an Online Campus is for every church, I feel like launching an Online Campus is the existing conversation that many church leaders will look back on 5 years from now and wish they would have launched sooner. I hope you will consider (at least have the conversation) launching an Online Campus at your church this year.  

Here are 5 reasons you should consider:

  1. To Reach More People - this is the primary reason that should drive this conversation. A local church is limited by geography as you will likely only reach people within 20 miles of your campus. An Online Campus breaks down geographic barriers and takes your local church global. The only limitation now becomes Internet bandwidth, which is fairly unlimited. When we talk about taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth, the Internet sure seems to be a great tool to accomplish the Great Commission!
  2. It’s Affordable – launching a new campus can be extremely expensive. Renting a facility, buying equipment, and even dealing with growth can add up quickly. Depending on your existing systems you can seemingly launch an Online Campus for FREE (using the Church Online Platform) with unlimited seats and service times.
  3. It's Fast - 5 Years ago at Community Bible Church we launched our Online Campus in 1 week! What went from an idea at a restaurant became an Online Campus of more than 500 people a week later. With today’s technology, this can happen even faster and easier.
  4. Establishes Scalable Systems – the MultiSite church model continues to grow tremendously and a big part of successful MultiSite churches is their ability to establish scalable systems. Launching an Online Campus can help your church to establish these scalable systems for long term growth opportunities.
  5. It’s Empowering – as you take your local church global, this new campus opportunity creates volunteer/leadership opportunities that never existed before. At Online Church we have traveling businessmen who volunteer as well as home bound individuals who can no longer even attend one of our physical campuses. This can be an incredibly empowering ministry venture for your church! And who doesn’t want to volunteer in their PJs?

Are you interested in launching an Online Church Campus in 2016? We would love to help! Simply reach out on the Contact Page or leave a comment. You can also learn from some great friends of mine through Online Church Leaders which is a FREE Online Training Resource with everything you need to know to launch your Online Church Campus. Click the button below to learn more. 

If you’re not interested in launching an Online Church Campus I would love to know why. I’m not looking for a debate, but genuinely interested to know what reasons people have for not launching an Online Church Campus.