It's Okay to Hustle

Can I touch on a tension among ministry leaders that I sense?  I see many ministry leaders that are workaholics (and I’ll admit that I border this at times).  I hear it all of the time at conferences that we need to slow down and find a healthy balance.  I don’t disagree with this need for many leaders.  On the other side of this tension I see a lot of ministry leaders who show up late, leave early, and drink a lot coffee in between. In the midst of this tension can I suggest that it’s okay to hustle?  Actually, I believe that hustle is not just okay, but essential for effective ministry.  Hard work is biblical, isn’t it?

Please don’t hear me wrong.  I believe in balance between ministry/work and home/personal time.  I believe that casual coffee talk is valuable ministry time.  I also believe in passionate, focused, and just plain hard work when it comes to ministry efforts.  I believe in coming in early at times, working through lunch, and staying after hours (on occasion).  Ministry work has eternal impact and deserves our best effort.

People have often asked me what the secret to success has been for Online Church.  In asking this question they are asking me for a shortcut and I try to give them every possible one that I can.  The reality though of this ministry success is the favor of God and a lot of hard work (not just me, but dozens of passionate leaders).  Ministries have tried to impersonate the ministry, but they honestly weren’t willing to give the same effort and in turn have seen very different results.

I expect to get negative feedback on this post and I understand that.  I believe in both sides of the tension in that I see too many ministry leaders working too hard and burning out.  The message to slow down definitely needs to be communicated to many.  It is also my belief that the other side of this conversation needs to be communicated as well as there are many ministry leaders that need a fire lit under them to simply hustle.

Please share your thoughts, I really do want to hear them.