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Viral Video of the Week: ADELE - Skyfall

Who needs TRL anymore to hear see your favorite Music Video?  ADELE's newest release, Skyfall, has been viewed by over 17 million in the first 3 days via this YouTube video.  Social Media changes everything as the music industry quickly learned many years ago thanks to MySpace.

Using YouTube for Ministry

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Wondering if you should be using YouTube for ministry?  Take 2 minutes and watch this video:


My guess is that you are now asking the questions: How do I use YouTube for Ministry?

This is where my friend Sean Cannell comes in.  He is a genius when it comes to maximizing YouTube in Ministry and wants to teach you at  He is launching a series of tools for churches to maximize YouTube for ministry.  Take 15 minutes and watch this first video that he posted with 12 suggestions on how you can begin using YouTube for Ministry:


I would love to hear how you are currently using YouTube and how you plan on using it in the future.