Thank You Vanderbloemen Search Group

In preparing for the Virtual Book Tour one of the first recommendations someone gave me was to partner with other organizations that you believe in and who believe in you to help get the word out.  Following this recommendation the first contact I made was to William Vanderbloemen of  Vanderbloemen Search Group.  It was less than 15 minutes later that William responded and the ball was rolling forward. William has become a good friend and I love the work that he and the team at Vanderbloemen Search Group are doing for the Kingdom.  In my short ministry career I have made several good and not so good hiring decisions.  I have also been a part of churches who have made some good, but far more poor hiring decisions.  Hiring is complicated in any organization and I believe it is even more complicated in the life of the church, especially in executive level roles.  Hiring is actually the easy part though, it's dealing with a bad hire that gets far more complicated.

Vanderbloemen Search Group has an incredible team of experts with a vast network that can come alongside your church and help you seamlessly make the best decision possible in filling critical leadership roles.  Take a look at this video:

Even if you are not looking to hire or looking for change, I highly recommend staying connected to Vanderbloemen Search Group online as they are always putting out great articles and resources for ministry leaders.  Here's where you can connect with them online:




One Last Thing:

I have heard William say many times that has stuck with me is this: churches often hire too fast and fire too slow.  As I look back on my experience this statement rings true many times over.  I'm grateful for his leadership and expertise!