The Apple News You Might Have Missed

I will admit that I'm an Apple fanatic.  4 years ago, I waited in live for 15 hours to get the iPhone 4 that I felt was going to be a game changer.  While I won't be waiting in line again for the iPhone 6, I do think Apple's announcement last week was the biggest in years! The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus look awesome!  Better cameras, bigger screens, faster processers, longer lasting batteries, etc. are going to be a great step forward.  Even more exciting than the phones to me is the Apple Watch.  I like my Pebble, but I felt even when buying it that this was just a small step towards what the Apple Watch will now be able to do.  This will likely be the first step Apple takes towards many future wearable technologies.  In my opinion, Apple Watch still wasn't the biggest announcement made by Apple.

So what was?  Well, I believe Apple Pay will be the biggest game changer of all of the announcements that Apple made.  I believe this will change the way we exchange money.  Just as checks, credit and debit cards, and PayPal have changed the game in the past; Apple Pay will do this for the future.  I hate carrying around a wallet and while Apple Pay won't completely remove the need for my wallet, it sure will thin it out and allow my credit cards to be replaced by an easier and more secure form of payment.

Any business that isn't quickly thinking about how to begin accepting payment through Apple Pay is already a step behind.  I don't think this just impacts business though as churches and nonprofits need to also pay close attention to this development.

Have you heard from church members that they are either concerned about security when donating online or it is just too complicated?  Being ready to accept Apple Pay for donations could just meet a great need for your church or nonprofit.

Take a look at the announcement from Apple: