The Changing Digital Landscape

A friend of mine sent me presentation from Pew Internet Research this week that was very interesting. I want to share one of the key points that caught my attention: "Hot gadgets and apps that will capture the imagination of users in 2020 will often come "out of the blue" and not have been anticipated by many of today's savviest innovators. (According to 81% of experts polled)"

So let's dream!

Think about where technology has come in the past 10 years. Look at cell phones alone!

Think about this: high speed wireless mobile connectivity anywhere and anytime in the world! Think about how fast information travels now, how much faster will it travel in 5 years? How much faster can it possibly travel?

What does this mean for the church? How can/should the church innovate and dream?

You might just have the next idea from "out of the blue" that will catch the imagination of users! Let's start dreaming and let's start creating!