The Core Technologies that Enable our Online Church Campus

Our Online Church Campus at Community Bible Church is powered by the Gospel, but enabled by a few key technologies. These technologies have changed through the years and many will likely change again. Here’s what we’re using right now:

  • Facebook – I can’t imagine doing Online Church without Facebook. Our Central hub for Community is our Facebook Page. We then use Facebook Groups as our Hub for Connection as these our where our Groups stay connected throughout the week. We also use Facebook Ads pretty significantly to reach new people. All of these aspects of Facebook work so effectively together making Facebook our core technology.
  • Media Socialthis is our Online Worship Center or our Online Sanctuary. This is the technology we use where we gather to worship. The integration with Facebook is what makes this platform work so effectively for our Online Church Campus.
  • Zoom – I wish this technology existed when we launched our Online Church Campus. The ability to gather 20+ people easily for a video conference has personalized our Online Group gatherings as well as our volunteer training sessions.
  • Google Adwords – Please tell me that your church is taking advantage of Google for Nonprofits FREE offering of $10,000/month if Adwords Ads. This was game changing for our Online Church Campus 3 years ago and continues to help us reach thousands of new people each week.
  • RightNow Media – this is our video curriculum.  I recently found out that we were the second church to sign up for RightNow Media’s Bible Study Library! This has been game changing for us offering thousands of video Bible Studies to our Online Groups through this easy to use platform that functions so much like Netflix.
  • MailChimp– Email is far from dead and the central communication tool for our Online Church Campus. We love the simplicity of MailChimp. We used to use Constant Contact and with no regrets jumped over to MailChimp for all of our Email Marketing.
  • Social Media – while Facebook is our primary social network, we also engage significantly on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Formstack– capturing follow up information is critical for a physical church campus as well as an online campus. Formstack has been an incredible tool for us when it comes to New Believers, Prayer Requests and other online data collection points.