The Future

The future is incredibly hard to predict. Many people make predictions about the future and most are wrong. I’ve made predictions and been wrong many times before. This month, I will be writing a series called The Future Of and we’ll be looking at the future of various things like social media, cars, TVs, etc.

As we look to the future, I will be sharing my opinion on how certain technologies will develop. I might be wrong, but I do want to clearly communicate that these opinions are based on the trends I have seen over the past decade along with the constant research that I do toward the future.

I will also be sharing my opinion on how these developments can impact the future of the church and ministries in general. The reality is that we live in a world that is changing fast in many ways due to the rapidly changing technologies all around. These changes impact our daily lives, our homes, workplaces, entertainment and even ministries.

It’s my desire that ministries will not only be reactive to these new technologies, but lead the way in how these technologies might be used for gospel opportunities. For instance, mobile and language translation technologies allow for the gospel to reach into regions that the gospel could not go into before. We also have opportunities here in North America using technologies like Virtual Reality to share the story of the gospel in new and creative ways.

The truth is that industries like the pornography industry are leading the way in many of these new technologies like Virtual Reality. The church doesn’t have to lag behind. We can pay attention to these growing trends and make strategic efforts to reach people in new and creative ways. My hope is that these posts might stir an idea in your ministry context as to how you might pioneer the new ministry frontiers.