The Future of Live Streaming

I started live streaming about 7 years with about the lowest possible quality through a platform called Mogulus, which is now known at It was one of the defining moments for me as the lightbulbs really began to go off about the possibilities of ministry online. We were broadcasting our college service and the college students who were off at college were able to stay somewhat engaged not just with the teaching, but also with each other through the live chat. It was so much fun! 

That hobby of a ministry initiative quickly turned into so much more. Now we live stream 6 of our weekly services to thousands of people each week all over the world. Our streaming mediums have also recently changed as we not only stream in HD through our Online Church platforms, but we also stream shorter segments of our worship services through Periscope as well as all kinds of other things like baptisms and Q & A with our pastors. 

As we look to the future of live streaming, I think as much as it has changed in the past 7 years, it will change even more in the coming 7 years. I think we will see customized experiences like choosing your camera shots live as well as virtual reality streamed experiences.  I think the mobile streams will also continue more and more and the content that we stream will go far beyond our services into small groups, leadership meetings, choir practices and everything in between. 

I think the reality of all of these streaming platforms is that we will be able to live stream what is going on seemingly anywhere and everywhere, anytime and all the time. This might freak you out a little bit.  Maybe it should.  Rather than focus on the negative possibilities, let’s focus on the incredible ministry possibilities! 

The Great Commission tells us to go into all the world and make disciples. It’s hard for me to imagine a technology more effective in fulfilling the great commission than live streaming. Can you?