The Future of Mobile Technology

The past 5 years in the world of technology has been all about mobile. Mobile apps, mobile responsive websites, mobile transactions, etc.  It’s hard to imagine that mobile can go much further, but trust me, it can and it will.  Here are my predictions in the world of mobile technology:

  • Wearable Everything – you likely have heard about technologies like the Apple Watch or Google Glass.  Beyond these devices I think we will see smart socks, shirts, hats, etc. Socks will measure our steps, gloves will function like a controller, a shirt might become our coach telling us what’s wrong with our golf swing and push up technique.  All of these wearable technologies will be connected in a mobile context.
  • A Different Mobile Device – right now we think of mobile as a rectangular device that fits in our pocket. In the future I don’t think that device will be necessary.  Maybe it will be a watch or necklass, but I believe it will be smaller and less obtrusive if you can imagine that.  We will essentially have many mobile devices (like our Bluetooth headphones now) that all connect to our hub which will be small and flexible.
  • Mobile Data Everywhere – remember when we used to be concerned about minutes on our mobile devices and we could only make phone calls where there was a land line.  Now there is essentially cell service everywhere, but that’s not the case globally.  I believe in just a few years the whole world will be connected via mobile data and the days of our being concerned with how many Gigs we have used on our data plan will soon be a thing of the past.

So what does this mean for the church?

Well, we will have opportunities to engage with our congregants anywhere anytime.  We might also be able to use these wearable technologies to enhance church attendees experience both on campus and online.  Imagine Kids check-in and giving opportunities.  Remember when we used to have people sign the attendance sheet every Sunday? Now we will know the minute they drove onto the church campus and how long they stayed and how often the attend.  This is powerful data!

We will also have global ministry opportunities to engage anyone anywhere in the world via mobile technologies.  Any local congregation will soon have the opportunity to be a global congregation be prioritizing these fast developing mobile technologies.

I’m guessing that mobile technology has already impacted your church in more ways than you realize.  I’m guessing that as people pull out their Bible’s at church they are most often opening an app in their smart phone rather than a physical Bible.  That’s just a small change in comparison to the coming developments that I believe lie ahead in the coming years.