The Future of Transportation

I’m not a car guy, airplane guy or really get into that stuff. The reality is that I use cars, planes and trains on a regular basis to get around. They’re essentially to all of us. While we seen this industry develop steadily with hybrid cars and various safety features, I believe the next decade we will see the greatest innovations in the history of transportation. Here are some of my predictions:

  • Connected Cars – cars will be connected to all of our other devices like our phones, computers, watches, etc. Our maps, our music, our contacts, our favorite places to order from, etc. will all be integrated into our car. Remember when David Hasselhoff used to talk to his car? Well, Siri will likely be a part of most of our driving experiences in the very near future.
  • Self-Driving Cars – it’s no secret that Google has been working on this for more than a decade and Tesla already has autonomous driving cars on the road. This technology is almost readily accessible and will be affordable to most in the next couple of years. Imagine what this means for productivity on your commute if you can now work on emails on the way to work or do something else while in transport. Even more, the safety that comes with computers driving us taking out human error from driving. As a parent of 2 young girls I believe that they will never actually have to learn how to drive. Their first cars will likely drive them. How crazy is that?
  • Shared Ride Services – as our cars get smarter and more connected, they can work for us while we aren’t using them. They can also know where we want to go when we want to go there and pick others up on the commute or give someone else a ride while we are at home sleeping or in the office. So many possibilities around ride sharing as cars become smarter and self-driving. Think Uber without drivers.

Am I crazy?

What does this mean for ministries? For churches, I think this will minimize the need for large parking lots. I also think it means more opportunity for engagement via video as people’s eyes won’t need to be on the road while they are driving and can be focused on a screen. I think in general the media experience will be much different in cars as you will likely have more screens and more streaming opportunities via audio podcasts and video broadcasts.

The future of transportation will sure be interesting and as we better understand the future, there will always be new and exciting opportunities.